Cheap calls Turkey

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Calls from a UK landline...

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call the Access Number
  2. Dial the number, including the int' dialing code (0090)
  3. Talk for as long as you want!
MobileAccess NumberPrice
0871 802 00447p/min

LandlineAccess NumberPrice
0844 972 00442p/min

Save 90% on landline calls to Turkey.

Call Turkey from 2p/min! Making cheap calls to Turkey has never been easier.

All you need is a UK landline and the relevant Access Number (see right). Simply dial our Turkey cheap calls access number, wait for the tone and then dial the intended number not forgetting the international dialing code.

  • How is it so cheap to make international calls and where is the catch?

    There is no catch! We simply route your call through our platform which means you can avoid BT's expensive international call charges.

  • How do I get billed?

    All calls are billed by your telephone line provider at their relevant 08 rates. The rates we publish are from a BT landline - so unless you are using a standard BT landline, please check before dialing. When you receive your bill you will see that you have dialed our access number and the calls will be charged at the rates displayed on our web site.

    Call rates quoted are to standard network numbers. i.e. mobiles and landlines. If you think you may be calling a number that is not a standard landline or mobile (for example, a business, company or advice line) please check with your network first, as these may attract higher call charges.

  • How does calling from a mobile work?

    Please visit our cheap international mobile calls page for further information on our equally as simple and cheap solution!

  • BT Connection Charge

    A BT standard connection charge applies to each call. Calls made to the access numbers via other service providers particularly mobile networks may be higher. If unsure, please check with your service provider before making a call. You are billed from the time that you are connected to the service, if the call is not answered or an engaged tone is heard hang up. You must obtain bill payers permission.

  • Did you know BT can charge as much as £1.02 p/min to call internationally!

    No wonder so many new customers choose our cheap international calls service when staying in touch with friends and family based abroad. Making international calls regularly from your standard BT residential landline can cost a small fortune (up to £1.02 p/min to a Thai mobile!) and that's where our cheap international calls service can create huge savings! When you call abroad whether it be to a landline or mobile you can save up to 90% compared to BT's charges. Our cheap calls service starts from as little as 1p/min to call a landline and only 1p/min to call a mobile.

    Business users can also enjoy huge savings. If your business needs mean you call internationally frequently you may pay less than a residential user, but it can still add up. If you have customers, distributors or a subsidiary office abroad then calling abroad just became a whole lot cheaper using our cheap international calls service.

    Making cheap international calls couldn't be simpler. Just use the cheap international calls number and wait for the message then dial your international number as normal.

Please ensure you read these terms & conditions

  • Callers

    Callers must ensure they have the bill payer's permission before using the Cheap International Calls service. All calls are billed by your telephone line and mobile provider at their appropriate 0871, 0844, 09 and 07744 rates. Prices quoted are from a BT landline and are pence per minute, prices and availability may vary from other networks.

  • Billing

    Calls are charged from time of connection to the Cheap International Calls service, so we advise replacing the handset after a short period if your calls are engaged or unanswered.

  • Termination

    We reserve the right to terminate fraudulent calls. The service is subject to availability.

  • Connection

    All calls made by a BT Landline are subject to a single 10p connection charge as soon as they connect to another number.

  • Queries

    The service is provided to by Wavecrest. If you experience any difficulties or billing enquires please contact Wavecrest on 0870 800 5257.

  • Responsibility

    0044 will not be held responsible for any difficulties encountered when using the Wavecrest service.