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Calls from a UK mobile...

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Text: TOPUP to 68888 to buy £5.00 credit
  2. This will give you £5.00 worth of international calls
  3. Dial the number Access Number: 01613 28 28 20.
  4. Enter the int' code (001) and then the Tel. number
01613 28 28 201.5p/min

01613 28 28 201.5p/min

Save 90% on mobile calls to USA.

Call USA from 1.5p/min! Making cheap calls to USA has never been easier.

Once you have topped-up all you need is a UK mobile and the Access Number: 01613 28 28 20.

Simply dial the Access Number wait for the voice prompt and then dial the intended number not forgetting the international dialing code.

Just make a note of our access number and use it whenever you want to make a cheap call to USA.

  • How does it work?

    • Using your mobile phone, text the message TOPUP to 68888. You'll be charged £5.00 for this text which is used as a deposit for £5.00 worth of cheap international calls to use straight-away.
    • You'll receive a reply text message from us with your new PIN, which you'll need to access the service.
    • Next dial 01613 28 28 20* from your mobile phone (Calls to this number are included in your monthly minutes, or are charged at your mobile provider's standard rate).
    • Now you'll hear a speedy welcome plus your current calling balance. Next, carefully enter your international number beginning with 00 as usual don't press the send key again, or you may get charged for two calls, one to 01613 28 28 20, and one to the overseas number.
    • When your credit runs out, you'll need to re-send the text TOPUP to 68888 to deposit another £5.00 of calling credit.
    * Calls to 01613 28 28 20 are included in your monthly minutes, or are charged at your mobile provider's standard rate. Please note that you have to top up your phone with our SMS service before using this number. Using this number without credit will mean you will be paying the regular charge for international calls from your mobile.

  • Can you use the service if you are on a pay as you go mobile plan?

    Absolutely. You will be charged at the networks standard rate to call the access number. Unless of course you have free minutes on your plan. However please be aware that you must have more than £5.00 credit on your SIM if you wish to buy credit otherwise your top-up SMS will be ignored.

  • How long does the credit last?

    The cheap international mobile call credit will last 60 days

  • How do I get billed?

    When you send a text to 68888 you will be charged £5.00 plus the standard SMS rate by your network opertor. When you make a call we then deduct a 5p connection fee per call plus the current rate per minute as displayed above. All calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. A maximum number of 10 recharges is allowed in a 24hr period.

    Call rates quoted are to standard network numbers. i.e. mobiles and landlines. If you think you may be calling a number that is not a standard landline or mobile (for example, a business, company or advice line) please check with your network first, as these may attract higher call charges.

  • How is it so cheap to make international calls and where is the catch?

    There is no catch! We simply route your call through our platform which means you can avoid your mobile network's expensive international call charges.

  • How long will the rates last for?

    Rates are subject to change at any time. Please visit our website regularly or sign up for our newsletter in order to receive the latest price changes.

  • Can the service be used from a different mobile phone?

    Yes -simply dial the access number from any phone line, and use together with your PIN.

  • Which mobile networks can I use this with?

    The mobile dial through service will work with O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3 & T-Mobile and most other UK based mobile networks (e.g supermarket brands) but excludes Virgin Mobile. If in doubt please call your network provider or email us for clarification.

Please ensure you read these terms & conditions

  • Callers

    Callers must ensure they have the bill payer's permission before using the Cheap International Mobile Calls service. You will be charged £5.00 per TOPUP SMS. Calls to 01613 28 28 20 are included in your monthly minutes, or are charged at your mobile provider’s standard rate.

  • Billing

    Calls are charged by your mobile network operator from time of connection to the Cheap International Calls service, so we advise replacing the handset after a short period if your calls are engaged or unanswered.

  • Termination

    We reserve the right to terminate fraudulent calls. The service is subject to availability.

  • Queries

    The service is provided to by Planet Numbers. If you experience any difficulties, or have billing enquires please contact in the first instance via email at and quote your mobile phone number and PIN that you received so that the enquiry can be logged and processed efficiently.

  • Responsibility

    0044 will not be held responsible for any difficulties encountered when using the Planet Numbers service.