Planning a spring cruise – here’s how to stay in touch at sea

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If you’re planning a leisurely cruise around the Mediterranean or even further afield, such as The Caribbean, then take care when using your mobile phone on board to call or send photos back home to family and friends. Cruise liners now actively promote their own network services available on board for making calls, or using mob ...

Be sure to read the small print before making that quick call home!

O2 shouted from the roof tops today that their ‘O2 Travel’ plan now allows customers on pay-monthly plans to make free calls across Europe just in time for the holiday season. While this is a generous gesture, particularly in the wake of the recent EU commission caps, it seems that many observers have forgotten to read the small ...

Call Australia from the UK for just 1p/min

cheap calls to australia
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Leaving friends and family behind can be very hard. However staying in touch has never been easier. You have a multitude of options although none are as easy as simply picking up the phone. Now you can make cheap calls to Australia for just 1p/min to landlines and 8p/min to mobiles and besides being ridiculously cheap it is incr ...