Cellhire grows its online market share through strategic acquisition

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Cellhire PLC has acquired a key competitor in the online space as it aggressively gears up to increase its UK market share. The acquisition brings the 0044 and Dataroam brands and their Managing Director, Angus MacLeod, under the Cellhire umbrella. Angus will join Cellhire as Head of Online Business Development for Cellhire UK. ...

Public Wifi – Free, but at what price personal security?

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With an ever growing number of users accessing free public wifi in coffee shops, bars and restaurants a BBC investigation has shown how easy it is to establish a bogus wifi network and attract unsuspecting users to use it. In a trial lasting just a few hours the number of users logging into what they thought was a free service a ...

Planning a spring cruise – here’s how to stay in touch at sea

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If you’re planning a leisurely cruise around the Mediterranean or even further afield, such as The Caribbean, then take care when using your mobile phone on board to call or send photos back home to family and friends. Cruise liners now actively promote their own network services available on board for making calls, or using mob ...

EU Commission Halts Plans to Scrap Mobile Roaming Charges

Plans to ban mobile phone and mobile data roaming charges and have been dropped by EU regulators, whilst also proposing net neutrality rules allowing privileged access. EU regulators called for an “intermediate step” that would enable networks to charge a premium to use mobiles abroad. Whilst updated net neutrality rules would b ...

Top searched-for holiday destinations

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Internet search giant Google has announced the top searched-for holiday destination by UK travellers this year is…Paris. Famous for world-renowned cuisine, architectural icons, chic boutiques and priceless art – not to mention it’s incredibly easy to get to from the UK – it’s no surprise that the iconic French capital has topped ...

Christmas Shopping in the USA

Just a few weeks until Christmas and with currency exchange rates at $1.60 against the Great British Pound it makes sense to travel West to start the Christmas shopping. However, beware – it can also cost you $1.60 per minute to make a call from the USA back to the UK if you’re roaming on a UK mobile network. Even more dangerous ...

Be sure to read the small print before making that quick call home!

O2 shouted from the roof tops today that their ‘O2 Travel’ plan now allows customers on pay-monthly plans to make free calls across Europe just in time for the holiday season. While this is a generous gesture, particularly in the wake of the recent EU commission caps, it seems that many observers have forgotten to read the small ...
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