UK SIM Card Advice

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by 0044 GURU in Advice

Our reputation as the UK’s leading supplier of foreign and local SIM cards means that we receive hundreds of requests from our customers asking; “What’s the best UK SIM card solution?

This guide has been written to cut through the confusion that surrounds buying a UK SIM card. When deciding which UK SIM card to buy it’s very important to consider the following:

  • Are you visiting or living in the UK?
  • What calls do you make most frequently?
  • What is your reason for getting a SIM?

Best SIM card for making international calls = UK SIM Card

International calls start from just 4p a minute. Whilst calls to landlines also cost just 4p/min and mobile calls are 15p/min! This makes our UK SIM Card perfect for people who wish to make lots of international calls and want to stay in control of their costs.

Our UK SIM card has an O2 network number. O2 is one of the UK/s leading networks. Offering fantastic coverage and reliability. In addition to this, unlike other O2 SIM cards, ours can be used abroad without roaming charges!


Our exclusive Global SIM card combines all the benefits of a UK and US mobile number . Please be aware for the SIM card to work in the USA or Canada you must use it in an unlocked Tri-Band (or Quad-band) mobile handset.

Need more information? If you have any questions about our UK SIM card please click here. If you cannot find an answer to your question just get in touch and we’ll provide support.

Best solution if you live in the UK = SIM Only 

SIM Only is a great way of changing tariffs without the expense of buying a new phone. Here is a quick guide to help you decide if SIM only is right for you.

Why choose SIM only?

  • Excellent value: SIM only deals provide the best rates for minutes, texts and data . Why? Because the networks are not providing you with the added handset and can pass on the savings to you!
  • No long term commitment: If you decided you wanted to change to a different minutes/ text package, or even if you wanted to cancel altogether, it’s easy to do so with SIM only deals. All it takes is for you to give 30 days notice, which is the shortest contract deal available – you won’t be tied down longer than you need to.
  • Easy to apply for: If you’ve got a less than perfect credit score, then applying for a SIM only contract is a lot easier than applying for a standard contract phone (though this depends on each individual application).
  • Keep your existing phone and number: If you want to save yourself the effort of letting all your friends and family know you’ve changed your number then a SIM only deal can make it simple just keep your old phone and your old number for a smooth transition!

For more information about SIM only – check out our SIM only price comparison service! We search all the networks instantly for the best offers, Click Here.