International SIM cards, Cheap Calls & Data

Save up to 90% on your calls and data usage wherever you are in the world!

Our international SIM cards, global SIM and cheap international call services all provide major savings if you use your mobile phone or landline either at home or abroad. Say goodbye to mobile phone roaming charges, expensive call costs and extortionate data prices!

International SIM FAQs

  • Which SIM is best for me, an international SIM / global SIM or a foreign SIM?

    Generally we'd recommend an international SIM for those travelling through several countries on a trip or if you visit different countries regularly during the year. A foreign SIM is best suited to those who visit only a specific country frequently or for prolonged periods.

  • Which handsets can your SIMs be used in?

    Our SIM cards can be used in the majority of handsets providing they are unlocked from the original network. You can test if your handset is unlocked by inserting a SIM from a different network to see if it works.

  • Can you provide micro SIM cards as well as standard SIM cards?

    Yes, we provide both depending on your needs. You can order which option you require during checkout.

  • Is it possible to port my UK mobile number to an international SIM card?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to do this yet but we hope to see it added as a feature in the future. You can divert your UK number to an international SIM but you need to check with your network for call charges that may apply.

  • Am I really going to make big savings compared to roaming charges?

    The answer is yes. With our SIM you can make reasonable savings in Europe despite the recent caps that have been introduced, and with a foreign SIM in Europe the savings can be far greater depending on your usage patterns. Outside of the EU the savings become significant as there are no caps applied and networks charge a huge premium to make calls, receive calls and use data.

  • How do I add credit to my account?

    This can be done easily and depends on the SIM you choose. You can add credit on-line anywhere you can access the internet with the international SIM card. With a foreign SIM you can buy top up vouchers over the counter at local retailers. Each product will have a different method so refer to the web page for any detail.

  • Do the SIM cards expire or can they be used year after year?

    Yes, all SIM cards have an expiry period but as long as they are used reasonably regularly and topped up in accordance with the user guide then they can be used ongoing. The international SIM makes this easier with on-line top ups rather than local top ups required for foreign SIMs.

  • Can I use the SIMs for data and mobile internet?

    Many of the SIM cards we provide not only provide voice and text functions but can be used for mobile internet. The global SIM has the benefit of covering multiple countries while often foreign SIM cards offer the best in country rates for data. Specific data SIM cards are also available for heavier users.

  • Do I have to return the SIM or can I keep it?

    With pay-as-you-go services then you own and keep the SIM and use on a pay-as-you-go basis. With pay monthly voice or data SIM cards then you return them at the end of the rental period.

  • What do I do if I have a problem when I'm travelling?

    We offer full support on the global SIM and all foreign SIM cards we provide, either through or via the network that supports the SIM card. We offer phone support during office hours and email support 24/7.

  • Can I buy your SIMs locally on arrival in a store?

    No, they can only be ordered on-line but we deliver internationally and offer standard and express options. Details and prices are available at checkout.

  • Can't find the answer to your question?

    Whilst these FAQ's attempt to provide answers on popular subjects it is worth reviewing the specific product page for full details or failing that please contact us (or email us directly on and we'll be happy to provide further information for you ahead of purchase.