NewFrench Data SIM Cards

FrenchData SIM
  • France 3G / 4G coverage
  • For tablets, MiFi & USBs
  • UK based customer support
  • Short term 30 day plans
  • Unlimited data bundles

30 Day data SIM for use whilst in France.

Perfect for accessing the internet, surfing the web, email, social media updates and using apps whenever you're based in France. French data SIM prices start at less than £0.02pMB for unlimited mobile data with 3G and 4G coverage available plus short term rental options. Bundles are capped so that there is no risk of extra data charges being incurred.

Short term deals can be tailored to one-off 30 day plans or month to month rental achieving savings of as much as 80% versus roaming!

  • 4G4G3GPlan
  • £79.00£69.00£45.0030 day plan
  • £10£10£10Express delivery/set-up
  •  Features
  • yesyesyesUnlimited data / no overages
  • 10GB6GB3GBInclusive data bundle (*fup)
  • yesyesyesMin rental period 30 days
  • yesyesyesUK Customer Support
  • yesyesyes48 hour set-up / delivery
  • nonoyes3G upload/download speeds
  • yesyesno4G upload/download speeds
  • yesyesyesOnline portal access
  • yesyesyesCancellation via email
  • yesyesyesSIM returned at end of rental
  • yesyesyesPro-rata billing
  • nononoSmartphone compatible
  • yesyesyesTablet / MiFi / USB compatible
  • yesyesyesStandard, Micro & Nano SIMs

Important! The French data bundles are unlimited and there are no further overage charges applied within each month. *However, each SIM has a fair usage policy (fup) and, if reached, the network reserves the right to throttle speeds on the service.

Please ensure you select the correct SIM type and size or contact us if you need guidance. Data SIMs are suitable for lap tops, mifis, dongles, tablets but not suitable for smartphones and incorrect usage will be billed.

Data coverage cannot be guaranteed and where a 4G signal is not present a 4G SIM will default to 3G connection speeds. For 4G SIMs a suitable 4G enabled device is required.

  • Who's it for?

    Whether you’re on holiday, on business, an ex-pat or perhaps even researching the property market the requirement to use mobile data in France on a regular basis is more important than ever these days. That’s where our experience and expertise in the French mobile data market can make a difference, delivering a quality and cost effective solution that’s both easy to use, simple to understand and, above all, great value for money.

  • What sort of technology and equipment do I need?

    An unlocked laptop, tablet, smartphone, Mifi or USB. Please note the 0044 data SIM plans are designed for specific devices as detailed on the summary table. Data SIMS should not be used directly in Smartphones, but Smartphones can be linked to a MiFi containing a data SIM. Any costs incurred through incorrect use will be charged at the prevailing network rate. If you require clarification about device suitability or charges please email us prior to purchase. Standard, micro and nano SIMs are available depending on the device you plan to use.

  • Is it easy to setup?

    Very easy indeed. It really is a 'plug & play' experience. All you need to do is configure your APN settings using the user guide provided.

  • How does it compare to UK roaming and what can I save?

    Our French data solutions offer amazing value when compared to local French offerings and can achieve huge savings against UK mobile network roaming. Despite recent EU roaming caps a 1GB bundle of data at the £0.16pMB capped rate will still cost you £160.00 roaming with a UK SIM. With our French data bundles you'll get unlimited data for a fraction of that price whilst making great savings in the process.

  • How am I billed?

    You can order on-line or over the phone and choose which method you’d prefer to pay by. The initial order is made via a credit card and you receive a monthly bill electronically, even for a minimum 30 day plan. The plans can then be automatically paid for either by French or UK based credit card or via direct debit mandate (DDM) through a UK bank account.

  • Data calculator - how much will I need?

    We understand that, for most users, your internet access and experience to date will have been mainly based on UK home use on a broadband connection. However, this does not necessarily replicate what your on-line experience may be through other points of internet access, such as our mobile USB solution. From our experience consumers can very easily use considerable amounts of data without knowing exactly how much they have consumed. However, the 0044 French data solution creates a simple answer to the problem. The bundle is unlimited and therefore you may use it without fear of additional charges being incurred in the month. A fair usage policy applies to prevent miss-use, but this merely results in the speed changing if the inclusive data bundle is reached within the month and does not involve extra unplanned costs.

    (We would strongly advise against streaming live television programs or downloading films via your laptop using our data solutions as this activity can use up your data allowance quickly and result in lower speed data feeds. Please also be aware that links on many websites can involve being routed to high capacity data usage such as video and audio streaming without you necessarily being aware.)

  • How will this affect my email address?

    You’ll be able to maintain your existing email address and dial into that account remotely from France to check any emails and respond. Using POP email or Web based email won’t affect receiving email with the data SIM as the email is received over the internet, so it doesn't matter what internet connection you use.

  • Why should I buy from 0044 and not through my UK network or when I arrive?

    For a start we’ll make it extremely easy for you to understand, set up and buy into – whatever your requirements. You’ll also have the best deal available to you in the UK before you leave and the comfort and peace of mind knowing that it’s all set up before you travel and fully supported from the UK for after sales support. Flexibility of buying on short or long term deals is also a great benefit and means you’ll be able to tailor the package to suit your needs – even as they change.

Please check the coverage before you depart unfortunately we cannot issue a refund for poor coverage.

  • Important Information

    You may be requested to provide additional proof of I. D. via fax, email or post immediately after purchase to verify your application, billing and delivery address. This is a quick and simple process and ensures you will receive the equipment promptly and securely, usually within 3-5 working days from date of order when a credit card is used as the billing method or, if DDM payment is selected, 7-10 days from receipt of the completed signed DDM forms. If your departure date is imminent then please contact us immediately after completing your application so we can address any priority requirements. If you are a repeat customer and your circumstances have not changed then it is possible that ID will not be required again but you will receive confirmation of this via email.

  • Data usage and validity

    Data Plans are a minimum period of 30 days from delivery and once the minimum period has been met you can terminate or continue on a month to month basis. Equally, if you only require the data bundle for another week or two after the initial month the billing is calculated on a pro-rata basis so you do not need to pay for another full month if you do not require it, as a credit will be issued. Once you have finished with the data SIM you simply email us to request termination and then return the SIM

  • Delivery options

    Once the on-line order is approved your equipment will be delivered to your UK billing address and will require a signature to ensure safe receipt. Alternative delivery arrangements can be made by emailing us, immediately after you complete the order, with your order number and change of delivery requirements (new ID may be required). Deliveries can be made to French addresses providing your name is recognised by the French postal service at your address or, if renting, your name c/o a landlord at the French address (new ID may be required).

  • Roaming

    For security reasons roaming is not available by default on 0044 French mobile data solutions. However you can activate the roaming feature outside of France by providing a refundable security deposit (£150) once in receipt of the equipment (please Email Us to set up). Please note your standard French data bundles cannot be used when roaming outside of France and the following roaming charges apply when data roaming has been activated.

    Roaming Tariff

    • Europe, USA and Canada: £10.49/MB
    • Rest Of World: £10.49/MB

  • France Business DirectoryWhilst you’re looking for that 0044 solution to help save you money and stay in touch while you are away, we hope the following list of recommended partners may be of interest to you. If you know of any other reputable businesses or services that you feel might be of use to fellow expats or travellers to France then please email us here and we’ll happily review and include any that compliment our current listing.

  • Expats, second home owners and regular travellersOur Pay-Monthly SIM cards are ideal if you are moving to France or travel to France on a regular basis. Typically it is very difficult to get a contract in France due to credit checks. However we simply bill your UK credit card. In addition to this having a local number is a massive advantage when trying to integrate into the local community. Compared to taking your UK SIM card you can save up to 90% on call costs. You will also receive your new mobile number before you leave the UK so that you can hand it out to friends and family. In addition to this we are the only network to offer free inclusive calls to the UK!

  • Gap year students / studying or working in FranceOur Pay-Monthly France SIM cards will allow you to stay in touch and make calls at local rates whilst in France. You will also not have the inconvenience of having to top-up since the SIM is charged on a monthly basis.