NEW!French SIM Card

French SIM Card
  • Orange France SIM card
  • Short term plans (30 days)
  • No roaming charges
  • Unlimited calls*
  • FREE in-group calls

30 Day SIM card for use in France

Our newly updated French 30 Day SIM cards offer the best value available. Avoid all roaming charges and act as a local French user without the hassle.

Just insert the French SIM card into an Unlocked Handset and take advantage of the following:

  • Unlimited+UnlimitedGroupBasic 
  • £69.99/30 Days£29.99/30 Days£19.99/30 Days£6.99/30 DaysCost From:
  •     Minimum Plan Duration
  • yesyesyesyes30 Days
  •     Unlmited FREE calls
  • yesyesyesnoIn-Group*
  • yesPeaknonoTo French landlines
  • yesOrange OnlynonoTo French mobiles (Peak)
  • yesnononoTo French mobiles (Off-Peak)
  • yesyesnonoTo select int. landlines**
  • yesyesnonoTo select int. mobiles**
  •     Outside Bundle
  • FREEFREEFREEFREEIncoming calls
  • 18p/min18p/min18p/min18p/minLocal calls
  • 29p/min29p/min29p/min29p/minInternational calls
  •     Other Services
  • 15p/each15p/each15p/each15p/eachLocal Text (SMS)
  • 28p/each28p/each28p/each28p/eachInternational Text (SMS)
  • 49p/each49p/each49p/each49p/eachPicture Message (MMS)
  • 14p/min14p/min14p/min14p/minVoicemail
  • £1.99/MB£1.99/MB£1.99/MB£1.99/MBData***
  •     Additional Features
  • £10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00Express Setup & delivery
  • yesyesyesyesEnglish Customer Support
  • yesyesyesyesItemised eBilling

* This applies to Orange French 30 Day users only. ** Destinations include unlimited calls to US & Canada (landlines and mobiles) plus unlimited calls to UK & European (landlines). Calls to UK mobiles cost 30p/min.*** All SIMs are data enabled and all consumption will be chargeable. If you do not wish to use data then please request that it is barred from your SIM upon receipt of the SIM card.

Peak: Monday-Sat 6am-8pm. Off-Peak: Monday-Sat 8pm-6am, Sundays & Bank Holidays.

  • iPhoneAndroid OS NEWBlackberry 
  • £49.99/30 Days£34.99/30 Days£29.99/30 DaysCost
  •    Contract duration
  • yesyesyes30 Days
  • FREEFREEFREEIncoming calls
  • 18p/min18p/min18p/minLocal calls
  • 29p/min29p/min29p/minInternational calls
  •    Messaging
  • 15p/each15p/each15p/eachLocal Text (SMS)
  • 28p/each28p/each28p/eachInternational Text (SMS)
  • 49p/each49p/each49p/eachPicture Message (MMS)
  • 14p/min14p/min14p/minVoicemail
  •    Data access
  • Unlimited***Unlimited**Unlimited*FREE inclusive downloads
  • £1.99/MB£1.99/MB£1.99/MBAdditional data charges
  •    Additional Features
  • £10.00£10.00£10.00Express setup & delivery
  • yesyesyesEnglish Customer Support
  • yesyesyesItemised eBilling

* The BlackBerry (B.E.S.) unlimited data Smartphone plan is based on a BlackBerry device being used and with BlackBerry APN settings. All other non BlackBerry usage or tethering will incur additional pMB charges at £1.99/MB. A fair usage policy applies, the network reserves the right to reduce the speed or block SIM cards for excessive usage.

** The Android tariffs offer unlimited data per 30 Days although a fair usage policy exists and after 1GB is reached in any month the network may reduce the download speed and therefore the service may vary.

*** The iPhone tariffs offer unlimited data per 30 Days although a fair usage policy exists and after 2GB is reached in any month the network may reduce the download speed and therefore the service may vary.

The iPhone tariff is for use in Apple iPhone devices only and use in other devices will incur additional charges at £1.99 or more per MB. The Android Tariff is for use in Android Smartphone devices and use in other devices will incur additional charges at £1.99 or more per MB and will be chargeable. For iPad or other tablet based computer devices please email us for options or review the data only SIM tariffs..

  • What do I get for my money?

    You will get an Orange French SIM, English voicemail, an 06 or 07 French mobile number, English instructions and, on certain plans, FREE inclusive calls! No top ups, no loss of credit and a French mobile number that doesn't expire.

  • How does it work?

    You can simply subscribe to one of the plans over 1, 3 or 6 months. On the Basic plan all calls, text (SMS) and data usage are then billed in addition to the line rental fee on a monthly basis. However, on the Group, Group+, Unlimited and Unlimited+ plans you will benefit from FREE calls to other French Orange users.

    Please review the specific tariffs and rates that apply to each plan on the main tariff summary. Only the Basic plan is currently available on the shorter term 1 month rental deals. For Smartphone users we have created new tariffs designed to provide mobile internet via BlackBerry and Iphone handsets.

  • What solution is best for me?

    We would recommend the Basic Plan for customers who visit France regularly and wish to avoid the inconvenience of a Pay-As-You-Go SIM card, whilst making great savings and receiving English customer support. If you live, work or plan to study in France on a temporary or permanent basis we would definitely recommend the group and unlimited plans. For couples relocating to France the in-group calling feature is a perfect way to stay in touch with each other. Whichever plan you decide on there’s plenty of flexibility as you can trade up within your initial rental period or trade down once you’ve completed your initial term. If after 3 months of your contract you wish to move plan (upwards) just contact us and we will change your plan accordingly.

  • Do you offer a business solution?

    If you are looking for a business solution (10+ SIM cards) we can provide tailored tariffs to suit your exact requirements. For further information please contact us.

  • Why should I get a Pay-Monthly SIM rather than a prepaid SIM?

    Not only will you save in excess of 50% on call charges you will also receive the following advantages:

    • English voicemail
    • Short terms contracts
    • 24/7 English customer support
    • No need to top-up
    • No expiry periods on your credit
    • Full itemised bill – claim back VAT
    • Data enabled
    • Micro-SIMs available on request

  • Why should I get a Pay-Monthly SIM card from 0044 rather than a French Network?

    Because we have taken all of the hassle out of dealing with a French network whilst providing better value for money and additional features such as English customer support, English Voicemail, English fully itemised billing and delivery directly to your address in France or in the UK. Unfortunately it is not possible to port an individual French payg SIM number to our pay-monthly system, although business to business group porting can be arranged.

    Also, it is very difficult for English customers to obtain a mobile contract directly with a French network due to the requirement of a French credit history. There are no such problems when acquiring a contract through ourselves.

  • How am I billed?

    Once a month you are provided with a detailed breakdown of your call history and the amounts owing, via email (or by post providing a specific request is made). The monthly bill can then be automatically paid either by French or UK based credit card or via direct debit mandate (DDM) through a UK bank account. When completing the order process you’ll be required to submit your credit card details if you wish to pay via credit card. If you prefer to set up a DDM then select that option, but also include your credit card details as well as part of the security and verification process and the relevant DDM forms will be posted to you for you to complete and return. Monthly rental payments and set up costs unfortunately cannot be accepted on a debit card, only via credit cards or a DDM associated with your UK bank account. If you do not have a credit card but wish to pay via direct debit then we are only able to accept a DDM application providing a parent’s credit card is used in the security and verification process. You will be billed in per minute increments. The rates published above apply for contracts taken out since 1st Nov 2011. If your contract was taken out prior to this date your existing rates apply but you may change to the new tariff on completion of the minimum term.

  • Porting

    Once a 0044 contract is cancelled it is possible to port your Orange number to another French network but an £25.00 admin fee applies to do so.

  • Plans

    We offer a range of plans from the short term (1,3 & 6 month) Basic plans to the longer term (3 months+) Group and Unlimited plans that offer FREE in-group calls between other French pay-monthly users. Dependent on the plan you choose, you can also benefit from inclusive calls to local and international landlines and mobiles as well. Calls, texts and data usage not included in any inclusive plans are charged at the relevant rates detailed on the tariff summary page.

    Plans can be upgraded at any point in the initial term but can only be downgraded at the end of the initial rental period.

  • Subscription Periods

    The standard duration is 3 months for the Group and Unlimited plans. After the initial 3 month term you can either email us and request to end the contract or simply continue running it on a month by month basis – there are no rolling 3 month periods and so it’s a great way to experience the unique benefits of the 0044 French pay-monthly contracts with maximum flexibility and minimal commitment.

    Early return termination can be requested but the full minimum rental period still applies.

  • Important Information

    You may be requested to provide additional proof of I. D. via fax, email or post immediately after purchase to verify your application, credit card and delivery address. This is a quick and simple process and ensures you will receive the SIM card promptly and securely, usually within 3-5 working days from date of order when a credit card is used as the billing method or, if DDM payment is selected, 7-10 days from receipt of the completed signed DDM forms. If your departure date is imminent then please contact us immediately after completing your application so we can address any priority requirements.

  • Delivery options

    Once the application is approved your French Pay-monthly SIM will be delivered securely, either to your UK billing address or an alternative address, and the contract commences from that point. Alternative delivery arrangements and your preferred delivery date can be selected during the checkout process. UK delivery is free but a set-up charge applies. Deliveries can be made to French addresses providing your name is recognised by the French postal service at your address (or, if renting, your name c/o a landlord at the French address). Deliveries can also be made to a relative's address in the UK if you no longer own a UK property. Delivery to France incurs an additional £5.00 charge.

  • Coverage

    Please check the coverage before you depart unfortunately we cannot issue a refund for poor coverage.

  • What data access is available?

    It is possible to access, 3G and Edge, depending on coverage.

    Mobile data access is an ideal solution if you do not have a landline internet connection or require access to emails whilst on the move.

    Examples of applications that require or are suited to GPRS include:

    • Sending and receiving email. Large attachments may download more slowly than text-only email
    • Internet browsing
    As you will be connected with GPRS for long periods of time, you are generally only charged for the information transferred.
    • One megabyte = 500 wap pages = 20 web pages = 25 emails, approximately.

    The French Orange SIMs we provide are data enabled. This means that you may access data once the settings have been configured. If the device you use is 3G enabled then the SIM will operate at 3G speeds, providing 3G is available in that location, but obviously the experience will be quicker and more efficient than the GPRS links.

    Important: When using the 0044 France SIM for data activity on your handset, or in a laptop, it is vital that you manage your consumption of data carefully to avoid incurring high usage charges. We are able to obtain usage and cost updates from Orange France upon request by individual users but these may feature a time lag and therefore may not be accurate. Data usage can be expensive and therefore streaming live TV or audio, or remaining logged on for prolonged periods can result in high consumption and costs. For more controllable data usage we recommend you review our USB & MiFi based data solutions. The French pay-monthly SIMs are currently not compatible with Apple iPhones and any service failures or costs incurred are the responsibility of the user in the event that an iPhone is used.

  • Roaming

    For security reasons roaming is not available by default on the SIM card. However you can activate roaming on 48hrs notice by providing a deposit of £150.00 once in receipt of the SIM card. Once accepted it will cost 40p/min to make a call within the EU and 18p/min to receive a call as well as 36p to send an SMS.

    • European Union - 35p/min to make a call. 16p/min to receive a call.
    • USA & Canada - 89p/min to make a call. 69p/min to receive a call.
    • Rest of the World - £1.99 to make a call. 99p/min to recieve a call.

French SIM Card Features

  • Blackberry & iPhone PlansWe now offer an iPhone and Blackberry plan specifically for use in France. Get either Unlimited or 2GB of data per month from just £29.99more info
  • FREE calls to Orange Mobiles FranceWorking exclusively with Orange we bring you FREE calls to all their users. Available on the Group+, Unlimited and Unlimited+ plans this deal will save you a small fortune.

  • FREE calls to French landlinesCall any landline (excluding premium rate numbers) in France for FREE on the Group+, Unlimited and Unlimited+ plans. This is a perfect option if you wish to call friends and family or keep in touch with the office.

  • FREE In-Group CallsThis is the offer that we are most proud of! We wanted to reward all our customers old and new. Available on our Group plan upwards you can make FREE calls at anytime to any 0044 Orange users. Spread the word!

  • English customer servicesIn conjunction with Cellhire we provide english customer service 24/7, 365 days of the year. This means one less hassle for you to deal with.