Global SIM Card

Global SIM Card
  • Global UK mobile number
  • No connection fees
  • International calls from 28p/min
  • Prepaid; control your costs
  • Data from £0.28/MB
  • £14.99 with $10.00 credit
  • £49.99 with $50.00 credit

Pay-As-You-Go SIM Card

Our Global SIM card can save you 80% versus roaming. Offering the ability to switch between Global & *US mobile numbers it provides incredible savings and the best of both worlds.

Just insert the SIM card into an Unlocked Handset and take advantage of several unique features that help save you a fortune compared to roaming:


For specific tariff information please refer to our rates calculator.

* free incoming calls in countries marked zone 1a

For a list of our most popular questions please see below or visit our online community. Alternatively you can download the download the Global SIM User Guidefor the current version of the SIM.

  • How does the SIM work?

    Firstly the SIM will only work in an unlocked handset. Once used in an unlocked handset it allows you to avoid roaming charges throughout the world.

    This is made possible by providing you with 2 mobile numbers; a +44 79 UK number and a +1 USA number. Both the +44 79 UK number and the +1 USA number can be accessed via your Ekit online top-up account, once created, or via Ekit customer service before you travel.

  • How do you make a call?

    Making a call in the UK or abroad is a simple process and involves a callback step to achieve the maximum savings. When you make an outbound call your handset will instantly ring you back prior to connecting the call and then you're able to talk as normal. Inbound calls are received as normal with a domestic SIM.

  • What is Callback?

    Callback is simply a different dialing experience to a normal mobile phone call and helps avoid roaming charges:

    • Dial the number including the international dialing code.
    • You will see a "Please Wait" message. The phone will then disconnect.
    • After a few seconds your handset will call you back.
    • Answer the call, listen to the number you are calling.
    • You will then be connected to the person you are calling - Your caller ID/phone number will not be shown when making a call.
    This unique calling method not only ensures that you save money but also produces greater call quality. Receiving calls and sending SMS is exactly the same as normal!

  • How much does it cost to call the SIM?

    If you choose to provide contacts with the +44 79 Jersey mobile number when you travel, people in the UK can call you for the price of calling a Jersey mobile, no matter where you are in the world.

    UK landline providers charge from 10p/min and UK mobile providers charge from 20p/min to call Jersey numbers.

    Callers should verify this with their own network first to establish whether calls and texts are part of their plan or charged at national or international rates. However, by using our dialthrough service from a BT landline and 0871 612 0044 access number you can call the '07' global number for just 8p/min.

  • Receiving a call

    The SIM card has 2 number options (+1 USA and +44 79 Global) which provide great flexibility and savings. Please check our rates calculator and coverage table for more information. We recommend primarily using the +44 79 number in the UK and abroad and the +1 US number in the USA. Calls are not free to receive on the USA number.

  • Credit & SIM validity

    Your Service will remain active indefinitely and credit remains valid if you use a charged service (such as making a call, or sending a text message) within any three month period.

    The network will send you an email and text message notification one week in advance of your Service becoming inactive (3 months after last use). If your Service does become inactive, all your remaining credit (including the credit that comes included with the SIM) will expire. However, the network will automatically re-instate your full expired credit balance (including any remaining initial included call credit) if you recharge your account with $30 or more via Customer Service within three (3) months of last use, or purchase a new SIM three (3) months after the original expires. If you do neither then the SIM and number will permanently expire six (6) months after last use.

  • In Country Coverage

    Network coverage is concentrated on major towns and cities and this often means that large rural areas receive minimal coverage, if any. We'd recommend that you check prior to your departure. The Ekit SIM will find the strongest signal automatically ensuring you receive continuous coverage across several networks. You can also search for a specific network manually and the costs remain at the flat rate advertised!

  • Topping-Up

    Adding credit is simple. Use your American Express, Mastercard or VISA card to add £20, £30, £50, £100, £150 or £200 to your account.
    Top-ups can be made in four easy ways;

    1. Online via a secure web site - Top-up online now (minimum top-up £20.00).
    2. Dial 181 from your handset (FREE to dial, minimum top-up £20.00).
    3. Via customer service (minimum top-up £30.00). Dial 154 (FREE in Zone 1 - See coverage tab for Zone 1 countries).
    4. By Auto Top-Up. Set up an automated facility online.

  • Customer Service

    From your mobile phone (no charge applies in the United Kingdom):

    1. Dial 154 from your phone and press the call, send or OK key.
    2. In the UK and the USA, this call connects directly. Outside of the UK and the USA, please wait for the callback (ignoring any messages on the screen), answer the call normally and after 10-15 seconds your call will be connected.
    3. Follow the voice prompts to speak with Customer Service.

  • Data and GPRS

    Prepaid Data is a brand new feature, designed for those who wish to use Instant Messaging, read and send emails and access WAP or the internet using their mobile phone whilst they travel. Prepaid Data uses the GPRS and 3G standard. (Data currently not available via Blackberry devices.)

  • Compatible Handsets

    The SIM card will work in most handsets just as long as they are unlocked. However, the calling procedure may differ depending on your handset. This makes no difference to the call quality but it means you may need to dial using a short prefix number. You are also able to test the SIM before you leave. In general;

    • 85% of handsets - Call as instructed above.
    • 15% of handsets - Enter a short 5 digit prefix before you make a call.
    • Blackberry handsets are compatible for voice and SMS but unfortunately email, IM and data is not supported on Blackberry's.


    Important Information

    • Your handset must be Unlocked for our SIM card to work.
    • The International SIM card has two numbers: a UK +44 07 Jersey mobile number and a USA +1 mobile number.
    • For the SIM card to work in the USA or Canada you must use it in an unlocked Tri-Band (or Quad-Band) handset.
    • Using the Ekit toll-free service means the caller makes the call for free but you pay a surcharge of 23p/min to receive the call regardless of your location as it replicates a reverse charge call.
    • Ekit introduced a rates upgrade on the March 7th 2013. If your current global SIM number begins; +44 7430 you are eligible for a free upgrade and improved rates. A new Global SIM tariff was launched in Dec 2014 – this only applies to purchases made after 15/12/14. Your existing SIM will continue to operate but please make sure you are aware of the rates changes by logging into your account at; for rates specific to your SIM.

Select the currency you want to show, and the country you want to call - then click 'Get Rates'...

Global SIM Card Features

  • Micro SIM cardNeed a micro or nano SIM card for your iPhone or iPad? No problem, our data SIMs are pre-cut to all three SIM sizes providing greater flexibility for you to use in most devices.

  • UK & USA Mobile NumberOur exclusive SIM card combines all the benefits of a Global (Jersey) and US mobile number . Please be aware for the SIM card to work in the USA or Canada you must use it in an unlocked Tri-Band (or Quad-band) mobile handset.

  • Travel JournalA FREE online service that automatically creates a trip journal based on your location in Global. It's a brilliant way to stay in touch and is used by thousands of travellers worldwide! You can also upload notes and images for everyone to view.

  • DeliveryWe know how important it is to get set-up before you travel. That is why we offer Same Day Dispatch on all orders placed before 1pm (Mon-Fri). UK delivery from £0.99, standard international delivery from £3.99 and from £9.99 for express international delivery.

  • Cheap International Calls from 1p/minBy using our cheap international call service people in the UK can call abroad using a landline from just 1p/min. No account needed. Just dial!more info