international sim card

Unlock your mobile phone

Some handy advice on how to unlock your mobile.

Our range of international and global SIM cards work in any make of mobile handset. Many handsets are actually not locked, however we would also recommend that you check before departing.

The easiest way to do this is to remove your current SIM card and replace it with another SIM from a different network. If you can make a call it's unlocked. If you see a message saying 'barred' or 'invalid' it will be locked. If this is the case then please follow the advice below.

Try an online remote unlocking service - We are pleased to recommend as a reliable and quality based service for on-line handset unlocking. However there are plenty to choose from, simple Google "your handset model and online unlocking".

Please visit their web site and review their services, pricing, terms and conditions. They also offer a money back guarantee!

Visit a local mobile phone store - certain models of handset cannot be unlocked remotely and you will therefore need to visit a local mobile phone sales or repair shop.

Your local small independent mobile phone store (see will be able to unlock your phone for a small, one-off fee while you wait. Expect to pay around £5-15 and don't be afraid to shop around!

Send your handset off to an unlocking specialist - many mobile phone unlocking companies offer a postal service, but please remember to send your handset via a traceable service and make sure it is insured.

Ask your UK network - If you have been with your UK network for 12 months or more then they will be able to send you an unlocking code, often for FREE but this may take a while and involve several phone calls.

However, they may also charge you a premium for this service of around £20-30.

PLEASE NOTE: To be able to use a SIM card from your handset must be unlocked. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that your handset can be unlocked, either remotely or by other methods as described above.