• A USA and UK mobile number
  • *Free Incoming Calls!
  • Calls from £0.06p/min
  • AT&T and T-Mobile coverage
  • Long validity (manage online)
  • £19.99 with £6.00 credit

Pay-As-You-Go SIM card for use in USA

Just insert the USA SIM card into an Unlocked Tri-Band Handset and avoid all mobile roaming charges, make calls from 6p/min and call the UK from just 6p/min. With our USA SIM cards you will also get your new American mobile number before travel to the US.

Read more about our exclusive USA SIM card. For detailed call, text and data rates, network coverage and general information please use the summary table and tabs below.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Plan 
  • £19.99Cost
  • £6.00Inititial Credit
  • yesMicro & Nano SIM (confirm during checkout)
  •  Call Rates
  • 6p/min or FREE on +44 number*Incoming calls
  • US - Can - MexCoverage
  • from 6p/minLocal Call Rates
  • from 6p/minInternational Call Rates
  •  Messaging
  • 10pLocal Text (SMS)
  • FREE or 6p on +1 numberReceiving Text (SMS)
  • from 16pInternational Text (SMS)
  • £0.32/MB on T-MobileMobile Data
  • yesVoicemail
  • yesCustomer Support
  • yesOnline Top-up
  • yesItemised billing
  • yesBlackBerry use (excl data)

For specific tariff information please refer to our rates calculator.

coverage map

For a list of our most popular questions please see below or visit our online community.

  • Do I need a tri-band handset?

    Yes you do. In Canada and the USA, GSM operators use GSM 850 or 1900 frequency. Therefore you need either a tri-band or a dual-band handset that has GSM 850 or 1900 capability; otherwise your mobile handset will not work in Canada or the USA.

  • How much does it cost to call the SIM?

    If you choose to provide contacts with the +44 79 Jersey mobile number when you travel, people in the UK can call you for the price of calling a Jersey mobile, no matter where you are in the world. UK landline providers charge from 10p/min and UK mobile providers charge from 20p/min to call Jersey numbers. However, callers should verify this with their own network first to establish whether calls and texts are part of their plan or charged at national or international rates.

  • How does the SIM work?

    Firstly the SIM will only work in an unlocked handset. Once used in an unlocked handset it allows you to avoid roaming charges throughout US, Canada and Mexico. For full details please refer to the user guide.

  • Validity

    To keep the SIM active you must either use a charged service once every 6 months or top it up. If the balance expires after 6 months of inactivity you are given a further 9 months to add a minimum of USD $30 to not only restore service but also have any unexpired balance reinstated. If you were to go 15 months of total inactivity, the SIM would be void. Unused credit rolls forward and is added to the new amount when a top up is made.

    The +1 US number option is valid for 2 months from last use. The ability to make outbound calls in the US and Canada is temporarily suspended 7 days after the last use in those countries. However, the US number remains active and can receive calls and text messages for up to 2 months after suspension and existing credit is also maintained. If the US number is not used for 2 months the US calling option can easily be re-activated by calling customer services or by dialing 870, although a new US number may be issued. To maintain your existing US number annually you may opt to pay a fee of 31p per month and this can be activated and cancelled via your web based account.

    Canadian Coverage - Our Service in Canada works on the Bell Mobility and Telus networks, which have 3G frequencies of 850 and 1900MHz. Phones that have these frequencies include: iPhone (5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G), Samsung Galaxy SIII, SII and Note, Nokia N8, and any Smartphones purchased from AT&T in the United States. If your phone is not one of these, it most likely will not work in Canada so please check your phone user manual to ensure it can operate on the 850 and 1900MHz frequencies.

  • Topping-Up

    Adding credit is simple. Use your American Express, Mastercard or VISA card to add £20, £30, £50, £100, £150 or £200 to your account.
    Top ups can be made in four easy ways;

    1. Online via a secure web site - Top up online now ($20.00).
    2. Dial 181 from your handset (FREE to dial, minimum top-up $30.00).
    3. Via customer service ($50.00). Dial 154 (FREE in Zone 1).
    4. By Auto Top-Up. Set up an automated facility online.

  • Coverage

    Please check the coverage before you depart unfortunately we cannot issue a refund for poor coverage. The USA SIM will not connect in the UK but will automatically locate a signal in the USA, Mexico and Canada. Please ensure you are using an unlocked tri-band handset in these countries

Select the currency you want to show, and the country you want to call - then click 'Get Rates'...

Rates are based on kilobytes of data used, and are charged at 49c per MB when connected to T-Mobile or $1.99 per MB when connected to AT&T in the USA . The minimum charge is for 100KB and further usage is charged in increments of 100KB. A minimum charge of 50c per session applies.

US SIM Card Features